Why, hello there ~

It seems you’ve found my blog.

I decided to create this blog to document all the yummy food I create. There’s just something about homemade food that makes it so much more delicious than store-bought food.

Three years ago I took a food intolerance test and discovered that I had a huge number of intolerances. I thought that there could be no way I could change my diet to accommodate for those. The top intolerances were dairy, gluten and egg-related. My diet consisted of exactly those types of foods! I used to love eating cheese and I would eat it all the time. If someone were to have told me that I would one day lay off the dairy I would never have believed them. I thought, with these intolerances (compounded by the fact that i’m type-1 diabetic), there was nothing for me to eat anymore. It seemed so difficult to find things that I could eat.
But, as time went on, I discovered so much food that I could eat! I feel that I eat a much wider variety of food today than I ever did before. I found that the best way to cope with my intolerances was to focus on what i could eat and look for substitutions that would give the end product a similar texture.
All the recipes on my blog are dairy, egg, wheat, and sugar free. Hope you enjoy!


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